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Lumber Quality Institute Company Profile

The Lumber Quality Institute (LQI) was founded in 1982 by Terry Brown, the internationally recognized authority in the lumber quality and process control field.  Terry's  book, Quality Control in Lumber Manufacturing, is the industry standard reference in the field and has been published in both English and Russian.

We believe that financial health of any forest products business springs from an educated and motivated workforce that is actively involved in manufacturing and problem solving processes.  Our business focuses on the lumber  manufacturing sector of the forest products industry.

We specialize in focused, solution-oriented workshops and conferences for the lumber and plywood manufacturing industry. We also offer specific training programs geared to the individual company. Contact us for specifics.

Focused problem-solving is also available to lumber manufacturers who desire individualized assistance. Evaluating a company's quality control and process control activities is one of our specialties. For more information on how the Lumber Quality Institute can help your business to improve its processes, email or call 541-752-2751.